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Rabbit Foam 2.0 is a highly concentrated formula and can provide up to 25 washes depending on the size of your vehicle and how dirty it is.  Eventually, it turns out to be very profitable. The average cost per wash is only $1, Buy the kit once, refill the foam forever.

Yes! We developed ‘Rubbit Foam 1.0’ two years ago and tested it on every part and surface of the car. The formula has a neutral pH level and is based on eco-friendly ingredients that are safe and effective for your car’s paint, metal parts, interior surfaces, rims and tires. As part of our pilot program, Rubbit Foam was tested on 10,000 customer cars. So we were able to test it in any weather conditions, and on any kind of dirt. Now we’ve gathered all the necessary feedback to develop an even more efficient, higher-quality formula – Rubbit Foam 2.0.

Mix 40 oz of water with 5 caps of Rubbit Foam 2.0 in the sprayer container. Close the sprayer tightly and shake well. Pump the sprayer to maximum pressure. Divide the car into sections, in order to prevent the foam from drying before wiping, starting from the top and working your way down. Spray a thin layer of foam on the first section and wait 5-10 seconds for the foam to lift and absorb the dirt. Fold the microfiber towel into 4 and start wiping in straight-lines motions. Use a dry and clean microfiber towel for a finish wipe. Continue to all other sections.

No. Our unique Formula, along with the microfiber towels with the exact fiber density, the frequency of their cleaning (between washes), and the wiping method we demonstrate in the instructional video, ensure that the car’s color will remain flawless.
Auto machines typically have brushes that collect dirt from other cars. The brushes spin on your car, damaging the paint and scratching it.

RUBBIT will get rid of dirt that would come off with a normal wash.
The dirt that’s stuck might need another Foam spray to come off easily.
Rubbit Foam does not work like a ‘magic’ and isn’t able to restore the car’s color. Bird droppings left on a car for a long period of time will probably burn the paint. You can easily prevent this from now on by keeping Rubbit kit in your trunk and using it immediately when needed.

Nothing to worry about. Most ceramic coatings can resist pH levels up to 12, while Rubbit’s Foam has a neutral pH level (7). Rubbit is specially designed to maintain existing coatings and is based on developments in the detailing industry.

After washing your car, the microfiber towels will be soaked with Rubbit Foam, so they already have a detergent to clean themselves. Wash the towels at 70-100°F degrees on a short to medium cycle in the washing machine, without adding any laundry powder or softeners. Towels can also be washed by hand in a bucket or tub of water. Make sure your towels are well dried before your next car wash (use the dryer or hang them up).

After testing a dozen foam sprayers, we selected the one that was the most reliable, efficient, and durable. Rubbit foam sprayers are made in Italy and guarantee uncompromising quality. Sprays precisely, doesn’t leak or drip, and produces a uniform layer of foam. A pressure relief valve ensures the sprayer is used safely and efficiently in the recommended air pressure range of +-3bar.

When you wash your car with Rubbit, you only use 40 ounces of water per wash. In comparison, a regular home wash typically uses about 40 gallons of water, while a basic car wash tunnel can consume over 120 gallons per wash. By using Rubbit, you can save over 3,000 gallons of clean drinking water annually alone. With its neutral pH level, it guarantees effective and safe use, not only for your car, but also for your skin, respiration, and the environment.

Our goal is to deliver the kits worldwide from September to October 2023.

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